Educate young entrepreneurs

Project: Educating young adults to become self sufficient entrepreneurs

When: 2016 – 2021

Expected amount required: EUR 20,000

Project description: Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world. Education empowers people and reduces poverty.

Little Big Support intends to create a living, working and learning environment for young adults of the lower castes in India. In February of 2016 Natasja will travel to India to search for a first suitable location to start this project. We want to provide motivated young men and women with a place to live and at the same time teach them the practical skills to become an entrepreneur.

We aim to set up a self supporting project that provides internships to people from all over the world and lodging to you as our do-gooder.

We intend to look at each individual, to their strengths, dreams and aspirations, and coach them to learn the skills required to fulfil their dreams. For instance by teaching them professional skills such as cooking skills, how to keep an administration, how to deal with money responsibly, improve their English language skills, assist with getting responsible micro-financing to start their business through Kiva or other organisations.



Support cycle rickshaw drivers

Project: Support for cycle rickshaw drivers in New Delhi, India

When: 2016 – 2018

Amount required: EUR 15.- for a sweater and a warm blanket

Project description: The young men that are cycle rickshaw drivers in Delhi are the underdog in the traffic of this big city. Our chairman Natasja has experienced this first hand for many years now, how badly the drivers are treated by their customers and how dangerous life is for these men.

For most cycle rickshaw drivers their rickshaw is their home. After a hard day of work they do not have access to a warm bed, a healthy meal or a warm shower.

Winters can be cold in Delhi, around zero degrees Celsius and most of the cycle rickshaw drivers only wear summer-clothing.

Little Big Support wants to collect funds to buy the rickshaw drivers:

  • a long sleeved sweater for the winter months; and
  • a warm blanket.

It’s as easy as that. We can show them that we care just by providing these basic needs.

If sufficient funds are collected we also want to set up a secondary project and provide a healthy meal a day to these men.




Providing warm blankets

Project: Providing warm yak wool blankets for the 30 children and staff of a foster home in Tiruvannamalai, India

When: 2015 (completed)

Project description: In 2015 Natasja collected funds to provide warm yak wool blankets for the 30 children and staff of a foster home in Tiruvannamalai (India) that she has been supporting for many years now.


Rebuilding family home Nepal

Project: Collecting funds to help Ram Tamang rebuild his family home after the earthquake in Nepal

When: 2015 (completed)

Project description: Natasja raised EUR 1,500 for Ram Tamang in Nepal to help him build a temporary shelter after the earthquake and to help rebuild their family home.