Our Story

When visiting India for the first time in 2010, Natasja Boomsma immediately experienced the bitter poverty in that beautiful country.

After that first visit Natasja felt the urge to support vulnerable people in India with their most basic needs. Over the years Natasja visited the country many times.





Natasja supported a foster home with funds to prepare more nourishing meals. She provided children with clothes and education materials. In 2015 Natasja collected funds to provide warm yak wool blankets for the 30 children and staff of a foster home in Tiruvannamalai (South India).

She also organized a fundraiser for her friend Ram Tamang from Nepal whose family home near Kathmandu was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015. The funds raised allowed the family to build a temporary home.

Natasja also collected cell phones that no longer were used and are now of good use to people in India.

All that good work eventually resulted in the incorporation of Little Big Support on 21 December 2015. Little Big Support will continue the good work of Natasja and render a more solid basis to provide care and education to those in need.

Little Big Support shall consciously focus on the lives of young adults instead of young children. There already are many organizations supporting infants and small children in India. Little Big Support will follow a different path and mainly support young adults in the age group of 18-30, offering them a chance to take their lives in their own hands.

10924715_1070474889645630_167595721722190308_nNatasja (middle) with Jyoti and her aunt in Pune, India. Natasja became friends with these two angels and provided them with warm jackets for cold winter evenings in Pune.

Our mission is to provide compassionate care to those in need around the world. For now we will dedicate our resources to providing shelter, care and education to improve the quality of life of young adults in India. We shall partner with others in the community creating friendship and lasting cooperation amongst people.

Take a look at our OUR PROJECTS page to find out if there is a project you wish to support.


The founders and board members of the foundation are:

Having seen and having experienced first hand the bitter poverty and extreme corruption in this beautiful country, obliged me to personally and persistently support the most vulnerable people in India with their most basic needs.

Natasja Boomsma – chairman


For several years now I have been deeply touched by the stories Natasja told me about the living conditions in India. Now I am ready to contribute even more than I did before to the creation of a better world.

Marieke Busch – treasurer


The Indian culture has always fascinated me and now I get the chance to become even more involved with projects that are very dear to my heart. I am fully commited to joyfully support the mission of the foundation, with honour and respect.

Ramona Köhler – secretary


In 2010 I met Natasja in India at a children’s project. I’m delighted to now work together with her, to share our inspiration and to realise the foundation’s goals. As a notarial lawyer I will also contribute my legal knowledge to Little Big Support.’

Olette Pierik – vice-chairman

As set out in the articles of association of the foundation the board members will not be entitled to receive a remuneration for their services to the foundation. They will receive a reimbursement of their expenses only.

We’ve applied for a Dutch ANBI status as per the incorporation date of the foundation.